Juan Rosai's Collection of Surgical Pathology Seminars (1945 - Present)

Dr. Juan Rosai
Juan Rosai, MD
This comprehensive collection of Surgical Pathology Seminars (1945 to the present) comprises digital images of original slide material of nearly 20,000 cases originally presented at approximately 1500 pathology seminars. The collection includes clinical history summaries, discussions, and diagnoses by yesterdays authorities with updates and comments by Dr. Rosai and other contemporary experts. Pathologist spanning the globe can access the collection to learn about the evolution of surgical pathology thinking, as described and discussed at pathology society meetings, individual medical centers, and pathology groups over the past 60 years.

Juan Rosai makes freely available to the International pathology community the digital version of this historical collection through a partnership with the USCAP and Aperio.

  • Gain insight into the evolution of surgical pathology thinking
  • Browse original material that led to discoveries of new entities and concept proposals
  • Access case slides, discussion notes, and speaker biographies
  • View updated diagnostic interpretations of the seminar cases
  • Access resource for decision support, self-study, and publications

Featured Seminars in the Collection

Seminar 579: Urologic pathology,  Farrow, California Tumor Registry Seminar (CTRS), Jun-79

Seminar 583: ENT, GEN: HEAD, NECK,  BATSAKIS, California Tumor Registry Seminar (CTRS), 1985

Seminar 361: GEN, WSC, 1980

Seminar 217: RESP,  AREAN, IL SEM INTL DEPATOL, 1975

Seminar 543: Gastrointestinal tract and mesenteric tumors, California Tumor Registry Monthly Sets (CTRMS), Feb-82