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The RosaiCollection.org is an historical resource for the slides and seminars Juan Rosai was involved in throughout his career.

There are two types of searches,

  • Case - specific searches for information below which will gather overview and topic information from the cases and their related seminars , or
  • Historical Document searches which will perform a word search of the thousands of pages of historical seminar documentation for terms. (Note, this may be a much slower search, so please be patient)

Note: This search page searches for text in the actual Rosai historical collection documentation. Since some of these documents are exceptionally old, or may have handwritten notes, your search may not be complete, but will be a good historical representation of your query.

Searches of the actual information in the cases and seminars on the Search Collection page may also provide other information no found in the documentation search.

Text to Search

Hints for searching text:

Search for only one word: Enter that single word into the 'Text to Search' field:"
   Example: , to search all documentation with 'tumors', enter tumors

Search for occurences of words ('and' searching): Enter both words in the 'Text to Search' Field with '+' and separated by a space.
     Example: to search for all documents with neuromas and 1953, enter +neuroma +1953

Search for either of two words ('or' searching): Enter the words without the '+' sign:
   Example: to search for all documents with either neuroma or 1953, enter neuroma 1953

Search for one word but not another ('either but not both' searching): Enter '+' for the words to include, and '-' for the word to exclude:
    Example: to search for all documents from 1953 that are not neuromas, enter +1953 -neuroma

Partial word searches ("fuzzy" searching): Enter the partial word followed by a '-'
   Example: To search on all words that start with Tum, enter tum-

Wildcard searches (searches containing portions of text or words): Enter '?' for single character wildcards or '*' for multiple character wildcards
    Example 1: entering tum?r will retrieve any document that has a word begins with tum and ends with r and anything in the ? place.     (tumer, tumor, tumar, tummr, tumxr, etc)
    Example 2: Entering tum*r will retrieve any document that has a word that begins with tum and ends with 'r' and has any number of other characters where the '*' is. (tumxxxr, tumr, tumor, tumooor, tumoredr)
Note: You cannot use a ? or * as the first character of your search word